Attention Self-Dev Nerds: Stop Putting Up With Lack of Focus & Discipline and Burnout Forever!!!

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Discover How You Can Quickly Slowly And Easily With Great Effort Get Laser Focus and Iron Discipline That Will Guarantee To Crush Any Life Area you Want Without Burning Out!
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Balanced Performance Program

Dear Frustrated Self-Dev Nerd,

If you've ever wanted to crush any area of your life even harder without hassling with the lack of discipline or focus than this will be the most important message you'll ever read.

Because I am going to show you how to develop insane discipline on top of a powerful focus that'll allow you to upgrade your life to an insane level. You'll be able to put in insane amounts of the right work in any life area you choose without having to deal with confusion & lack of motivation, or even burnout later down the road.

But before I do that, let me tell you a story of how I was able to first start hustling hardcore and then overcome the lack of balance that usually comes while doing that...

Story time...

I started off right at the bottom. Being no-one and having nothing, except a few self-development books and a burning desire for a life of abundance. I had no money, no connections, no mentors or friends who would be " killing it". Just me and my self-help books and the "how to" Youtube videos...

I HAD the burning desire. I wanted a full life. To travel the world in style, to meet beautiful women, to party in the best clubs. I hated the fucking price tags in the shops and restaurants or not being able to afford a new pair of Air Jordans that I really wanted...

So I started applying all the techniques I saw in the videos and read in the books. But I had a big problem. I had no fucking idea of what to actually do. Should I start a business or should I just travel and "game"? Should I go on a ketogenic diet, or read the 4-hour workweek? I was confused out of my mind, but I wouldn't give up.

I tried meeting women but never became really good at that. I moved to London and would run around Oxford Street, trying to stop random girls on the street and wonder why all I got was flaky numbers or an occasional date...

I started up a shoe business, but failed miserably.

I tried getting a really shredded 6-pack but was always just in "good shape" and not quite there.

I would be constantly starting up new projects and never get a substantial portion of success in any of them. I half assed through all the areas of my life. The worst part was, I'm pretty smart and capable, so I was getting some results. although mediocre, in everything that I tried. That kept me comfortable but unhappy.

The worst of all, when I did get some success in any one area, all the others would collapse like a house of cards. When I went out more and actually started getting results with girls - my diet would go to hell and I'd put on weight. Not to mention I was broke. And when I was working and hitting the gym, there was not time to "go out"…

It was all really frustrating for a very long time.

After Experiencing The Lack Of Serious Progress In My Life
I Decided To Do Something About It

I was done with thinking and just trying stuff, I started doing. A vision was formed in my mind, my goals were set in stone and I became an execution beast. Whether I was working on my skills of seduction (which took me on a world tour with an elite dating coach) or creating my own fully remote business in Barcelona or writing and self-publishing two books, the process was pretty much the same regardless of what I'd try to do.

I'd find a strategy that's proven to work, research the shit out of it and get some clear goals into place. Then I'd just apply massive discipline and action in the right direction and great stuff would start to happen really fucking fast. Stuff like going from $500/mo remotely to $6,000/mo in 5 months. Stuff like being fluent in Spanish in 4 months, etc.

Update: it's been 11 months, and the business is on $35,000/mo, with a team of 22.

Maybe most importantly, I figured out how to combine balance with insane progress. No more manic highs and downs, no more burnouts and getting sick. While I kicked ass in one area, the others were on maintenance. Meaning while I am CRUSHING business right now, I still get to hang out with a cool girl or two. I still get to catch winter sun on Tenerife, or meditate or hit the gym. I can still watch random movies, or just get high and eat shit if I feel like it.

Chilling & Biz on Tenerife

And by the way, I'm not saying I became that great in any of those areas in a short time. I took serious hustle and effort - and still does. But I feel HAPPY and EXCITED when I jump out of my bed. I feel like there's nothing I can't do, like I'm finally on my path. I grind with a smile on my face, and reap the benefits with an even bigger grin.

So after I was able to finally achieve serious progress in any area I focus on WHILE keeping balance I decided…

Why Not Make The Ability To Crush it Hard Available To Everyone

So I decided to combine all the research…all the hours I spent researching motivation and discipline, and principles of success into a single solution that'll make getting good in any area you want to focus on a piece of cake..

You'll get all the tips techniques and accountability that'll allow you to crush it in life when you invest in:

The Balanced Performance Program

The Balanced Performance will enable anyone to crush it in all areas of their life without having to deal with confusion, lack of discipline or reckless unbalanced hustle.

This is a 3-month program that will take you from unfocused and undisciplined, no real result life, to laser focused and performing on an insane level, while still having fun and keeping the balance.

So how do we do that in 3 months?

The answer is in an intense curriculum designed specifically for you, where YOU have the lead role.

First we'll get really clear about your goals, so you know exactly what to do and how to get there.

Then we'll craft a step by step process, which you just have to follow week by week to achieve the results that you want. We'll make discipline and delivering on a high level a part of your day to day life.

And lastly, we'll be making sure you keep balance and don't burnout, meaning you'll achieve what you want with a smile on your face.

Let's get even more specific.

Each week of the 12-week program will have a specific theme around it. I will present you with the idea and give you a task. You will then have a little less than one week to implement the idea and deliver on the task. We'll have a group call at the end of every week where we'll discuss the progress and analyze the victories as well as the fuckups. There will be plenty of both.

In addition to the main task of the week, I will also give you a bunch of optional material that will help you along the way. Such as helpful youtube videos, book excerpts, podcasts, websites etc.

You will be encouraged to share and talk about your daily progress in a secret intimate Facebook group where I will be active as well. When I say secret and intimate, I mean just you, me, and 7 other rockstar guys.

You will also have access to my private WhatsApp number where you will be able to reach me personally when you encounter sticking points on the way of accomplishing your weekly task.

I'm Still Confused,
can you give me an example?

Sure, let's have a look at a sample week.

Week 3 - Time Management: Excel Tracking

On Monday of week 3 you will receive a private video with the briefing for the week. It will talk about time-management tactics of 8-figure CEOs and how to incorporate them in regards to your specific goals (you'll have crystal clear short, mid and long-term goals by then btw).

I'll give you my personal tools and a few other helpful options too. Your task will be fully explained in the video, but will (for this week) include crafting your own tool of DAILY tracking, Tracking of some habits that will help you achieve your goal. If you're either moving closer to your goal every day or moving away from it.

You will be briefed with some additional information in the course of the week, and will be able to see the progress of your comrades on the same path of balanced performance. If you'll get stuck I'll be there to help you out. After the week we'll review performance on a live group call and celebrate another victorious week.

Again, I will be teaching you principles, not the techniques themselves. I won't be teaching you game. I won't be making a business or diet plan for you. You will be learning and implementing all that stuff YOURSELF, which is where actual skills and real growth come from.

I WILL help you seek out the top experts or material and help you asses your plan of attack, find any weak or underdeveloped points etc...

And I most definitely WILL kick your ass so hard you will succeed. Think of me as your Balanced Performance drill sergeant. I'll give you tasks that I KNOW will get you to your goal. And if you don't do them, I'm gonna make you do them, any way I can.

For example, if you fail to do what we both agreed on verbally/written 3 times, you're out. No refunds, no nada. This is not a kindergarten, and you have to be dead serious. Getting to the top in any area is really fucking difficult

So you will actually be learning these ever-useful techniques WHILE actually improving any one area of your life.

You see, I am very proud of the balanced performance approach. Because after you take part in this coaching you'll be able to get super focused and hyper disciplined. You'll also be able to balance life in a way which will allow you to be happy and peaceful WHILE crushing it hard..

Sounds great, doesn't it?

But don't take my word for it, here's what guys from all over the world are saying about working with me:

Balanced Performance

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Which Of These Powerful SecretsCould You Use To Crush It At Life?

  • Becoming Crystal-Clear on your Goals
  • Dissecting those Goals in bite-sized Pieces
  • Having a Clear Week-to-Week Plan of Action
  • Developing Iron Discipline and Work Ethic
  • Having Accountability / Ass-Kicking Support Along The Way
  • Member of an Elite Like-Minded Group
  • Keep Work-Life Balance While You're Crushing it
  • Avoid Depression and Burnout
  • …and a whole lot more!

Okay, So What's The Cost For
Eliminating A Lack Of Discipline, Balance and Focus Forever

People charge THOUSANDS of dollars for access to elite coaching groups similar to this. If you don't believe me, just ask around. I doubt you can get into any serious group for less than $4,000. And you know what, rightfully so! The value that you receive out of these groups (and I am a member of some myself) is always more than 10x. And it makes sense, you're getting expert advice from people who busted their asses for years, to just serve you up the success formula on a silver platter.

I'm going to charge you less than that amount for the balanced performance program. You can get everything you need to put your discipline, focus and overall life balance on steroids for only $1,000 a month.

So the total investment for these 3 life-changing months is just $3,000.

And please, keep something in mind. Here’s how those other groups usually work

  • You get access to a FB group
  • You get access to weekly calls with the founder
  • You get monitored by coaches
  • You maybe get some video/audio support

So the time you spend with the founder, the person whose face is selling you the course is roughly 1h/week. Sometimes you get to ask them questions in person, sometimes not.

Here’s the difference.

I will have access over your personal habit tracking sheet which you will be filling out DAILY. If I see you slacking off (and I’ll check several times a week), I will kick you out of the group, no refund.

Read the above again. Somebody checking up on your daily hustle, week after week. Actually, not just somebody - it will be me! This is some serious accountability, and it works really well.

And you also get all of the above that the other groups offer:

  • Access to a FB group
  • Access to weekly calls with myself
  • You get 1-2 videos designed for you every single week
  • You get extra resources (videos, books)
  • You get actionable tasks (the cool version of homework) every week

You also have access to my personal whatsapp and you will be able to reach me instantly for any questions.

So yes, you heard that right, I am literally going fucking crazy. I'm offering you a bucketful of value, a level of accountability that I honestly believe NO OTHER group is offering. Your own spot in private balanced performance success group for 3 whole months with immeasurable value for just $1,000 a month.

You see, $1,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the money you're going to waste on ineffective random online courses. Or mega expensive private coachings. I just heard one of my friends is getting coaching from a guru - $3,000 for 6 hours. And he’s not even one of the MORE expensive ones.

So what would you rather have? Some guru filling up your head in 6h, or 3 months of insane accountability and support?

Don’t get me even started on video courses. How many people do you know that have like 10 Terabytes of online video courses? And are they super successful? Thought so.

The problem with most of those is that it's just a pile of information, they don't actually make you do anything. How many times did you buy (or pirate, ha ha) a course, watched 3 videos, and then went back to playing computer games?

You probably spend that much on buying fancy drinks or food outside or buying clothes you don’t need. I bet you that all that crap didn't improve your life for one single bit, at least not after the mini instant-gratification spike you've gotten after buying/eating it.

Another classic one is going to fancy holidays so you can show it off on Instagram. But what you don’t show off is that it nearly drained your bank account.

Why not invest that money to develop iron discipline and work ethic WHILE keeping balance instead?

Believe me, I wish I had a balanced performance mentor when I was starting out on my self-development journey. It would have saved me hours of frustrating trial and error. It would probably cut a few years of developing a balanced hustle.

So what's the catch? Why am I pricing this so cheap?

I’ll be honest - I LOVE coaching. I’ve been slaving away the last 11 months to scale my ecommerce email marketing company to 22 employees and $35,000/mo in revenue. I can do 2 more sales and get more money that I will get from this coaching.

But coaching is great, because it keeps me sharp. So very egoistically, by me helping you guys, I help myself too. I see where you struggle, and then helps me refine and stick to my shit EVEN more.

And then another reason is that I’m pissed off. I’m pissed of when I hear of all the gurus charing $20,000+ for some high ticket masterminds, and the results they produce are shit. Kindergarten is over, this is the real deal.

And by the way, I believe the value I give with this group is easily $20,000 in total. So when I decide to rock out the Balanced Performance V.3.0, I will probably double the pricing again.

Sounds good so far?

But I Know You're Skeptical About Developing Insane Discipline In AsShort Amount Of Time Possible!

That's OK…I've been there! Before undergoing all the confusion and a terrible lack of proper success I felt the same way.

That's why I'm offering the following 100% Risk Free Guarantee:

I personally guarantee that if you don't become a highly productive badass (while keeping balance) in about 1 month already, then let me know and I'll issue a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked—no hassles!

I feel this is as fair as I could be!

That means you can try out the coaching service at my risk. See if it works for you or not. And if it doesn't produce, I honestly want to you to ask for your money back!!

But I'm sure we'll be able to help you get disciplined and on the right track in no time. I wouldn't have spent the time and effort creating this group and writing this letter if I didn't think it would help guys CRUSH it at life even more!

Ok, so how does the application process work?

There is only 8 spots in this group, and two are already taken.

The next ones may or may not open again in 3 months. The price will surely be at least double.

A little further below you will find link to schedule a call with me. This will be your introductory call where we will already start with the work - I'll hear you out and help you determine your focus of these 3 months. No goals yet, just the overall focus.

Regarding the payment, you have to choices. You can pay each month (money needs to be there before the month), or you can pay all upfront, in which case you get a 10% discount.

After the end of each month, you will have the chance to exit and get past month's refund, if you will wish to do so. Spoiler, nobody from first year did it.

There is no place for people who are not fully committed here, because that will decrease the progress of everyone else who will be giving their 100% effort.

As soon as we reach 8 people in total, which I'm guessing will be in a day or two, we'll get to work with our week 1.


This is a highly private and intimate coaching group for amazing results. There are several things you will have to promise and keep in mind. I will ask you to confirm these verbally to me on our first call again.

  • 1) You promise you will not talk about any personal information of other members or myself to anyone not in the group. You are free to talk about yourself and what you're doing. This is of utmost importance for psychological feeling of safety.

  • 2) You promise you will execute on the tasks we agreed you will deliver. The task itself will always be a consensus, and your opinion matters. I won't fill up your plate too much, and you will will be asked if you can handle it. Once you confirm, it's set in stone and you HAVE to do it.

If you break any of those rules, I reserve the right to kick you out of the group immediately with no refund.

I know this sounds harsh, but this is one of the corner stones of accountability and will help you achieve a high level of performance.

Who’s the ideal candidate?

  • You’re already a part of another paid mastermind, but struggle to take full advantage of it and apply everything they are trying to teach you there
  • you’re ready to burn all the bridges and go all in, and are at a stage of life where you’re able to afford to pay for a premium service

Who’s NOT eligible:

  • Being hungry and willing is not enough. I will ask you about your income, and if paying for this coaching group will drain all your income, and you don’t have other ways of supporting yourself, you will be declined. If you can’t consistently earn at least $1,000-$2,000/month, you are not ready for this yet and you won’t be able to reap the full benefits.
  • If you never achieved anything in your life or don’t have proof of working hard over a long period of time. Spoilt brats who are not ready to work hard can’t join, not for all the money in the world. A big part of what makes this successful is that you will have other killers around you. The guys from the first group half a year ago are still having regular calls and are crushing it.

You Really Can't Afford NOT
To Invest In The Balanced Performance Program

Right now, you have two choices:

  • You can either continue to struggle with a lack of focus, lack of discipline… and a lack of performance and growth you actually are capable of.

  • Or you can take action today, right now, by investing in the balanced performance program. And start your own path of insane self-discipline and work ethic, on your clearly established goals, WHILE feeling an overall balance and happiness.

This choice is yours.

Imagine waking up and jumping out of the bed, ready to crush it. You know exactly what you are working on, and you can see the progress of your goals becoming a reality. At the same time your major areas of life are in balance and you feel happy, driven and calm.

You can start living a balanced life of insane performance right now,

when you take action and book a free call with me to see if you're the right fit:

Book a free call, right now, while it's still hot on your mind. And be prepared to start crushing it hard!


P.S. By the way. If I ever open this coaching group again, the prices will be at least double.